The wonderful members of our congregation are the reason we are so successful. Here are some of their great memories and testimonials.


Jim Muehlhausen

“I love the Baptist Temple, the place where I found Jesus.”


Thelma Sines

“The Baptist Temple has always been an outstanding place to me, influencing my life with the many friends I made there.” THE BOOK OF MEMORIES P. 6


Donald Lutes

“In 1923 I was going to the Longfellow school. After school was out for the day I would go to the Baptist Temple using all the known short cuts. Three afternoons each week I would be in the swimming pool [in the church basement] using the water slide or practicing my swimming strokes. I vividly remember the fire that gutted my church [1943]. I cannot forget Rev. Louis W. Bean saying do not be apprehensive, ‘God will see us through all of this and will provide all of our needs.’” THE BOOK OF MEMORIES, P. 8 – 9


John Evans

“Some of the [Sunday school] teachers that influenced me were Verna Holmes and Sam Johnson.” THE BOOK OF MEMORIS, P. 12


Gussie Norzinskay

“When I was 9 years old my sister and I wanted to join our church. We were baptised on April 4, 1920. Rev. Tunison held both my sister Marjorie and me on his arm and baptised us together. It has made us very close to each other all these years.” THE BOOK OF MEMORIES, P. 14


William Winter

“In the 1920s we had a Sunday School orchestra. The first piano player was Mrs. Floyd O’Niell, later Ruby Meyers. Ones I recall were in the orchestra were Julia Yeider, cello; Purdue Powlen, trombone; Jean Closson, violin; Helen Helvie, violin; Vic Smith, saxophone; Roll Meinzer, drums; and others.” THE BOOK OF MEMORIES (PAGE INSERTED)


Mary Catherine (Yeider) Tribbett

“During a revival meeting being held at the church, I went to the altar along with several others of my age. While attending Sunday School we had dedicated teachers: Maria Cockburn, Thelma Sines, Mrs. Helen Harrison, and Verna Holmes. Their teaching and patience in their work with the children gave all of us special thoughts about being Christians. They taught us to give of ourselves in God’s way.” THE BOOK OF MEMORIES, P. 17